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Programme Description:

History has shown overtime that times and seasons change and these affect organizations, which have the tendency to do things the way they have been doing them, even when the things that brought them success will no longer work with time.

Everything is changing– at an accelerating rate. Pre-covid, covid and post-covid eras have all shown that organizations can change forever, good or bad, depending on how they respond to the changes and use them. One of the ways organizations can use changes to their advantage and scale new wealths and heights is by embracing innovation as a culture. This is why at Hebron Startup Lab, Covenant University, we are offering Making Innovation Happen, a 1-week residence-based course for organizational leaders to be equipped to reposition their organizations to achieve innovation-driven growth, scale new heights, and become ahead of the game.

In the world today, it’s no longer about being the biggest, but about being the fastest. You are either the one disrupting or the one disrupted. Someone is presently doing something to render your present main business obsolete. We, therefore, welcome you to sign up for this one-week course, to help you transform everything for good.


  • Help leaders in organizations imbibe the innovation mindset;
  • Help leaders set up their organizations for innovation-driven growth;
  • Help organization leaders leverage on innovation to create prosperity;
  • Help leaders set up their organizations to get customers’ job done;
  • Help leaders make better decisions to capture more value;
  • Help leaders build a resilient organization that’s geared for success in disruptions.

What you will learn?

  • Structuring for Innovation
  • Generating Business Models
  • How to build an Innovation Ecosystem
  • Creating products that scale wealth.
  • Key Metrics that matter.
  • Setting up a winning Innovation Policy.
  • Advancing Ideas worth working on
  • Design Thinking
  • Experiment to Scale
  • Creating Problem-Solving Innovation Teams

Who should enroll ?

  • CEOs
  • Chief Innovation Officers
  • Growth Leads
  • Heads of Departments/Units,
  • And anyone who is a senior leader or manager in a position to impact innovation matters and initiatives at their organization.

Course Fees: N750,000 or US$ 1,200

(covers tuition, course materials, feeding & accommodation)Discounted fee per head for any organization paying for 3 & above.

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